Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Federal Courthouse, Lander Wyoming

This is the Federal Courthouse in Lander Wyoming, however it hasn't been used in that capacity in many years. The building is leased out by the Federal government, and chances are that most people, even in Lander, are not aware that this is a courthouse or that it has a courtroom.

I once had a case, about fifteen years ago, in which it was briefly suggested that the trial could be held in the courtroom, when this building was then under lease to the National Outdoor Leadership School, but the suggestion was quickly rejected on the basis that the courtroom had not been used as one in many years, and that it was too small.


  1. Hi! You have a fan in Powder River, and you helped me identify the old court house for Lander that I have on a spoon. I also purchased your new book, and look forward to reading it. Thank you for all the time you must have spent researching for this book. Hope you and Darcie and the kids do a lot more exploring our state. Beverly